"SIM not allowed"

You had this topic come up in Dec. 2018, but the thread is now closed. Just tonight someone told me that my text messages were looking weird and basically incomprehensible, with lots of @ symbols between the letters. (She sent me a screen shot.) Looking at my screen, I noticed an MM symbol in the upper left. The corresponding message says “MM Phone Services, SIM not allowed. Emergency calls only.”

I tried making a non-emergency phone call, and found that I CAN, at least for the moment, make a phone call. But the texting is ■■■■■■■ up, and the MM notification is still there. Unlike in the previous thread, rebooting my phone does NOT change the situation.

Can anyone tell me what’s going on? My phone, by the way, is a Moto G5 Plus.


Hi @johnw.pdvsog,

The notification message you reference is sometimes indicative of the phone and/or SIM being blocked on the cellular network. Was the phone ever reported as lost or stolen?

It’s also possible since you’re able to make calls that the notification is spurious. If it were my phone, I’d try removing then reseating the SIM:

The text messaging issue may or may not be related to the apparent SIM issue. May we know which text messaging app you’re using? Is it Messages by Google? Republic Anywhere? Something else?

Is the experience limited to messages exchanged with this one someone? If so, do you know which service provider they use and the text messaging app in use on their phone?


Hi @johnw.pdvsog,

If @rolandh’s suggestion doesn’t clear the issue, could you try long pressing (touch and hold) the opened MM notification and see what app is sending it?


Thanks to both of you for your timely replies. As it turns out, I eventually turned the phone off for a fairly long period of time, then turned it back on and put it on the charger overnight. In the morning the MM icon was gone, and everything seemed to be back to normal. I’ve had no trouble since. So I really have no idea what the thing was or what caused it.

In answer to Roland’s questions, the phone was never reported lost or stolen. I use the texting app that comes standard with Android. And my texts to more than one person were weird, so it seems to have had nothing to do with the recipients’ carriers. I was able to read their texts just fine, but my texts to them were garbled.

In googling the issue, I found that lots of Android phone users have had the same problem on a variety of carriers. Most of the suggestions in the various forums didn’t seem to be too helpful, and none seemed to apply directly to my situation.

Thanks again for your suggestions!

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