Sim not detected - Moto G6

I have a new Moto G6 just purchased online this week (yes, the compatible model).
I’m on the unlimited talk/text with 1 GB of data plan.

Purchased my sim from RW to put in my new phone. Downloaded the latest RW app and opened it up. I can’t get past the message “Awesome, your phone is compatible! … Buy a Republic Wireless sim card”. If I run the diagnostics from the app, it also tells me no sim is installed.

I’ve removed and reinserted this sim 5 times. Even watched a YouTube video to make sure I was doing it correctly. I cleaned the contacts with alcohol. Is it possible to get a “dead sim”? Powered off each time I reset the sim. Nothing changes…get get the phone to see it.

Any tricks I can try?


Have you run all of the System OS updates?
There often several you will need to keep checking for and install.

Yes, I believe so. In setting, then System, I went to System updates and it says my device is up to date. The RW app is also.

It’s certainly possible but unusual. It’s also possible the SIM card reader in the G6 is defective.

How long ago did you purchase the SIM in question? You mention the G6 being a new phone. May we know the brand, model and generation of the phone being replaced?

You wouldn’t happen to have another SIM lying around would you? It wouldn’t have to be Republic SIM. If the G6 reads another SIM that would implicate the SIM rather than the phone.

I’m replacing a Moto G4+ I’ve had a little over 2 years.
Not sure what size SIM is in it, that would be the only other SIMM I’d have. I have a micro SD card, but not sure if that would check the slot the same way???

Please let us know if the SIM in the G4 Plus is GSM or CDMA. Here’s how to tell:

Nuts…sorry about that. It’s CDMA.

It won’t activate in the G6 but the phone might see it. You’ll need to punch the smaller nano size out from the larger micro frame. Don’t lose that frame, you’ll need to return the SIM, to keep using the G4 Plus while this gets sorted.

Ok…I’ll either try that or wait for my son to get home this evening. He’s had a G6 for months now. I could try his sim.
Thank you.

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Well looks like it’s the new phone. Tried another SIM, same results. My son put my SIM in his G6 and it was detected immediately.
Thanks all!

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