SIM not provisioned for voice

What phone do you have?
Moto g(7)

What plan are you on?
$25 a month +1GB Cell

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?
It includes data

Issue Description

Earlier this week I began to get the notification in the title. SIM not provisioned for voice.
I was still able to call another phone in my household over wifi. It happened again today with interruption of service. I did a factory reset. Up and running. Was able to make a couple calls and send a couple test texts in the following half hour. Then the notification is back again. Data is fine over WiFi. I try and make a call and no outgoing calls can be made. Text does not work either. Upon reinstalling the RW app I have version

Help me please. Thank you.

Hello @christopherw.v41mx1
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Per this Republic help article:

You should try to refresh the activation:

Please let us know if it helps :slight_smile:


I refreshed the activation. But just this moment, 3 hours later, the alert has returned. I am able to call over WiFi. I have no bars here to test cellular voice use.

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