SIM replacement


I plan to switch phones soon and want to use a new RW SIM. Am I assuming correctly that activating the new SIM in the new phone will deactivate the old SIM still in the old phone? My reason for wanting to do it this way is that I’ve had recurring problems with the old phone that not even a factory reset solved, and I don’t want any physical baggage from that in the new phone.


Presuming you’re moving the number from old to new phone, then yes new SIM would be activated, old SIM would be deactivated.


If the old phone is one of the legacy models its SIM will not be deactivated. On those models the SIM stays with the phone even if it is sold or given to someone else.


Thanks, @rolandh and @billg. That’s what I was thinking, but wanted to make sure. Move is from Moto X Pure to Moto Z Play.


Actually, even on legacy phones I believe the SIM would be deactivated. It’s just that it’s paired with the phone and may be reactivated in that phone only.


I believe the SIM is paired to the phone. The phone is deactivated but continues to contain a SIM that will work upon reactivation of the phone it is paired with. Once a 3.0 SIM has been deactivated it will not work in any phone.


Quite correct, however, the SIM is as deactivated as the phone until reactivation.

No longer correct. A deactivated 3.0 SIM may be reactivated for 20 days.


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