SIM-swapping fraud?

I get this message when I sign in to my account
Number Transfer Rejected i A member of our help team will contact you with more info
I have been getting an error message on my phone
sim not provisioned for voice
from MM2 service
I’m guessing this is SIM-swapping fraud. Is there anything I can do to protect my account?

I have seen this Preventing SIM Card Swap Attack

I would suggest that you Open a Ticket with Republic Help, this will alert them to the possibility of the SIM Card Swap attempt and get an official response

  • Post back your Ticket number so it can quickly be brought to their attention

I don’t believe this is SIM card swap fraud.

First, the message that you’re seeing is about porting a number TO Republic, not from it. Not the way porting fraud works.

Second, your Republic SIM is protected by your account uid/pw. It is much harder to execute a SIM Swap with Republic than your average carrier.

Third, porting your number out would require your account PIN, as shown at the link you provided.

So, that leaves us with trying to solve the issue you’re having. Can you tell us the model phone you’re having the issue with?

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Thanks for the replies.
I have a Moto G7 Power 1955-5
Message appeared for a couple days, went away, returned briefly and went away again.

The most common reason for this is simply that the SIM has come loose in the phone. The first thing I would try is removing and reseating the SIM in the phone. If the message happens again after that try to note if it is happening in a specific area or under any specific circumstance and come back and let us know.

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any reason why RW would post
Number Transfer Rejected i A member of our help team will contact you with more info

Hi @marybethd.ncedmi,

Have you ever tried to bring a number from another carrier to Republic in the past? I’m wondering if this is just an old message that has somehow either been overlooked until now, or has resurfaced through some glitch.


I did not bring a number to RW.
Reseated SIM, message persists
Opened ticket #1840915

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I have a ticket open and now it’s worse. They asked if I was connected on wifi, so they could make a change. Now my phone says it’s not activated. The Helpdesk is giving me meaningless reassurance but I can’t make or receive calls. It’s very frustrating. I keep asking what’s being done and when it will be resolved, and getting pleasant but ineffective responses.

Hi @marybethd.ncedmi,

The agents who have been answering you have tried to explain that they have escalated your issue to the our engineers. They cannot tell you exactly when the issue will be resolved, because it’s something the engineers will have to figure out. Our engineers have had to escalate the issue to the engineers at our carrier partner, because the issue is on the cellular network, and have let me know it will likely be tomorrow before they respond.

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you.

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It’s a shame they didn’t respond to me.
Before I opened a ticket, I had a weird error, but my phone could make and receive calls. Now I am without phone service.
I have not ever received a response about why my account says
“Number Transfer Rejected i A member of our help team will contact you with more info”
despite asking several times. I haven’t received any real information at all. I am getting increasingly dissatisfied with the lack of information and lack of resolution.

Hi @marybethd.ncedmi,

I’m sorry this has turned into such a frustrating experience for you. There are account details I cannot discuss here publicly, but I’ll follow up in your ticket.

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