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Hi I feel for you. I had a MotoX Gen 3…was fine for a year. Since they did away with WiFi refund phones. My cellphone doesn’t ring but goes straight to voicemail…no matter what. If you have an important call your waiting for forget. Apparently…Netelos bought cell towers from Sprint who then comprised my phone calls and it goes straight to voicemail. So now I have to down grade to a MotoX Gen 2 and see if it will let me get a phone call that rings. I’m thinking of changing… soon. It has not been good.

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Ntelos was based out of Waynesboro, Virginia and built out their own towers. They had an agreement with Sprint to use each other’s towers, and now is a part of Sprint. I used to be an ntelos customer before coming to republic wireless and still have cell service in my area with republic wireless on their (Sprint) towers. My family and friends are using the Moto x 1st and 2nd gen, Moto e 1st and the Moto G 3rd gen with little issue. But that is in the area where I live in the Shenandoah Valley. Have you gone through the troubleshooting steps for make and receive phone calls. It may help.

You may also want to clear the cache which is a good maintenance procedure.

Hopefully these will help

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Oh I take to RW techs . They have been working with me w/ Rescue logmein
. They also couldn’t get my phone to ring. They sent me a MotoXGen
2…I’m waiting for them to activate it. The phone had the wrong SIM
card. The problem started back and March of this year. The phone quit
ringing. It went straight to voicemail…so this is where I’m at . .
hopefully this phone is adoptable to my tower situation …


Sorry typo I did troubleshoot with the techs… they just couldn’t fix my
dilemma. Thanks for your input.


They will certainly take care of your issues. Thanks for updating. I saw Ntelos and had to reply😀.

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Message an
Expert customer