Simple Flip Phone

Is there a possibility for Republic offering a simple flip phone for people that do not care to access data or use apps? A phone that would allow for only texting and calling would be great.

Hi @gailg.qqp9te and welcome to the Community!

You are not alone in your desire to see Republic support flip phones. That said, I don’t believe it will happen. Republic’s unique (sufficiently unique to be patented) blended WiFi/cell service itself relies on the Republic mobile app. The Republic app, in turn, requires a compatible Android smartphone.


Hi @gailg.qqp9te,

It might be a fun project to try to adapt the Android based NUU F4L to Republic Wireless. Doesn’t appear to be possible at this time, however.

If your calling and texting is limited and you want to save money, you need one of the cheap “burner” phones, like they sell at Walmart. Tracfone sells phones and minute cards for about $20 each. Minutes roll-over month to month but expire after 90 days. Tracfone uses Verizon network, but there are burner phones that use AT&T.
An advantage of a burner phone over RW is that burner phone numbers are “real”. None of the tricky gotchas of VoIP numbers that rarely affect service.
But on the whole, calls over Wi-Fi are such a good idea that I want RW as well as any benefit from a cheap flip-phone. And as others have said, it doesn’t make sense for RW to support cheap burner phones. They can’t integrate those into their unique proposition and others have covered the market quite well.

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