Simple Mobile to transfer from Republic?

I need to transfer my number from Republic to Cricket. I know I need to go to another carrier first - the help topic says to use T-Mobile, but I am having trouble locating a T-Mobile SIM.
Locally all I can seem to find are top up cards.
I did find a SIM card for Simple Mobile, which uses T-Mobile.
Would that work to transfer out the number?
thanks in advance

Hi @kle,

Is this the Republic help article you reference: Why Can't My Republic Wireless Telephone Number Transfer to Cricket? – Republic Help? If so, I documented the workaround it points to here: Transferring a Republic Number to a Service Provider That Refuses Landlines.

The workaround can be adapted to use any wireless carrier. It doesn’t have to be T-Mobile. I chose to highlight T-Mobile because it’s my experience they’re the most efficient at transferring Republic numbers. While you could use Simple Mobile, it’s also my opinion that it’s best practice to work with a carrier directly rather than another MVNO (reseller).

Do you have a T-Mobile store located near you. If so, they’ll activate a SIM and transfer your number for you. If not and you happen to have an old AT&T, Sprint or Verizon phone (it doesn’t need to be a smartphone), you might take that to the appropriate store, ask them to activate it on their least expensive prepaid plan and transfer your number. If that’s also not practical, transferring your Republic number to an AT&T, Sprint or Verizon SIM, then from there to Cricket would also work, however, I’m unable to provide step-by-step instructions for that. My preference of carriers after T-Mobile for this purpose (in order) would be Verizon, Sprint and finally AT&T. On the other hand, Cricket is owned by AT&T, so, in theory, once at AT&T it should be a very easy transfer to Cricket.

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