Sims card for moto x4 from Moto x pure edition

I am switching my service with RW from my moto pure edition to a new moto x4 unlocked, I was told I could not use the same sims card and would have to buy a new sims card kit, why is this?

If your sim is GSM, it can be used. Verify sim type. I did the same switch last week. If it is CDMA, see How to Request a CDMA sim card

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Hi Margaret, welcome to the community.

Republic works with two different carrier partners. One, T-Mobile uses a technology called GSM. This technology was built with the idea that SIM cards would be moved from phone to phone. If you have that type of SIM in your phone, you can indeed move it from one phone to another.

The second, Sprint, uses a technology called CDMA. SIM cards were not originally part of the design here and were added on later to support new networks and faster speeds. Because of this, moving them phone-to-phone wasn’t part of the design and doesn’t work very well, if at all. If this is the type of SIM card you have, it can’t be moved.

All that being said, if you check the SIM type you have, and it turns out to be CDMA, come back and share your ZIP code so we can figure out the quickest way for you to get the SIM you need for your new phone.

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Simply put swapping phones by swapping SIM is a GSM feature [republics has 2 partners one GSM (T-Mobile) and the other CDMA (Sprint)] so if GSM one can swap the SIM card.

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