Sims card from Moto g4 into Moto G Power

We have a Moto g4 SIMs card putting into a Moto G power a 2020 version like installed it now it says incompatible Sims first it said phone isn’t activated to restart your phone now I get a message it’s an incompatible sense I need help

First, check this…

If the SIM card in your Moto G4 is GSM, it should be able to move over. If it’s CDMA, it can’t, but you can request a new one from Republic.

If GSM coverage is good in your area, you can order a new BYOP SIM card from RW (or Amazon, if you’re a customer there…might be cheaper/quicker). If you post your ZIP code, some members here could check to see what your coverage looks like in your area.


Thanks for your help. My sims card is CDMA not GSM. So I ordered a new one with Amazon $1.00

Hi @doreenj ,

If you want to keep the same coverage as you have now with your CDMA SIM, please use the link provided by @jumphour to request one. The SIM card kit for Republic at Amazon provides GSM coverage.


CDMA won’t work in our Moto G Power 2020.

Ha, I forgot about that, being a brand new offering, and me using GSM anyways. Well, hopefully you’ll have coverage in your area with the GSM SIM.

Thanks for the heads up😊
My Moto G 5 is my old phone & so far been working great on RW now 2 yrs with GMS sims.
We ordered our new phones Moto G Power in October 2020. However, but didn’t realize my husband old Moto E4 had a RW CDMA sims card until @jumphour told us how to check it out on our phones.

Well surprise, my old G5 had RW GMS but hubby’s old E4 had the RW CDMA. Which we tried to install on our new phone G Power and got all these messages

d3 d2 d1

Yay! Then you’ll be good to go when you get the new SIM card. Enjoy the new phone.

Hi @doreenj ,

I’m having a little trouble following this conversation, but I’d like to make sure you understand that even though you are seeing replies in your e-mail and you are sending e-mail replies to those messages, the conversation is taking place publicly in the Community topic you began at Sims card from Moto g4 into Moto G Power. Please be careful not to send any private information in your replies.

I also want you to know that this is not the case. The Moto G Power (2020) can be outfitted with a CDMA SIM card, however, it is not compatible with the same CDMA SIM card as your old phone and no active Republic CDMA SIM card can be moved to a new phone. You can’t move the CDMA SIM card from your old phone, but our Help Team will be glad to provide you a new one.

If you prefer the coverage the CDMA SIM card provides, please request a new SIM card using the information in How to Request a 3.0 CDMA SIM Card – Republic Help as @jumphour originally suggested.


Thank you for your email. I appreciate your help and reminder that I am posting online… I didn’t know that :hugs::kissing_heart:


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