Simultaneous Upgrade Phone and Plan


I finally need to upgrade my old Moto X(gen 1) on an old plan. I know I will not be able to keep my old plan. My question is: what is the order of the steps needed to activating a new phone, transfer the phone number, apps data, contacts etc, selecting a new plan, and deactivate the old phone. Note: I was planning on getting the new Moto G6 for the new phone.

You will need to get a compatible phone, and install a new R.W. SIM card.
Install the R.W. app, login in to the account you use the previous phone on, and select the Transfer number to this new phone option. You will then be shown option to sign up for the current My Choice Plan. After that, the phone will activate and the old one will be deactivated.

Also note, the new phone may be GSM SIM so you will have different coverage than on you X1.
Coverage map:

Hello Thanks. I was planning on getting a Moto G6 from RW so that won’t be an issue.
If it comes from RW will the app be preinstalled?

As for accounts I have the main account and a sub account that this phone is associated with which account will it need to log into?

I am not sure what the old Moto X had but the new phone listed both GSM and CDMA (see below). Will this cover the my old service area? Note the map you sent a link for had covered most of the are around where I live so even it it is different it should work I think.

GSM (850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz)
CDMA (850, 1900, 850+ MHz)
UMTS (B1,2,4,5,8);

If you order your phone from R.W. it will come with an SIM card you will need to install into the phone.
Once you turn on and setup the phone with your Google Account, and connect to wifi, you will first need to run any System OS updates, then you will need to install/update the R.W app to Activate the phone.

The SIM card is what determines if the phone uses GSM or CDMA network.
The coverage checker will determine the best service for your zip code and R.W should send the correct SIM along with the phone.

If you however, find that the new phone gets worse coverage in your most frequented areas, you can request the other type of network SIM.

Edit: you will need to log into the R.W as app the account owner to activate a phone. Not a sub account.

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