Since i got home adapter cordless phone wont repeat messages

dect 6.0 cordless wont play messages

Hi @barrystockdale and welcome to the Member Community. Are you are trying to check voicemail from the Extend Home using the dect 6.0 cordless handset? (This assumes the handset base is connected to the Extend Home).

If so, there is a Question and Answer in the Extend Home FAQ that might help.

Q: How do I check my voicemail from the Extend Home?
A: Simply dial *98 and you’ll access the voicemail box which is shared with your associated Republic Wireless cell phone

Voicemail commands:

  • Press 1 to play a message again
  • Press 7 to delete a message
  • Press 9 to save the message

Remember, the Extend Home voicemail is not stored on the dect 6.0 system. So if you’re trying to use a repeat button of some type on the system it will not work.

If you cannot access voicemail on the wireless handset using *98 you may need to set the voicemail PIN using the RW app on the associated cell phone. I could get to the voicemail box message to enter a PIN but then voicemail failed. Used the RW app and reset my voicemail PIN. Once I set the PIN everything worked correctly, including testing the voice commands. Thought I had already set the PIN but guess I had not. Glad I tested before responding to your post :grinning:

Have you set the voicemail PIN using the RW app?

Q: How do I set the Voicemail PIN for my Extend Home ?
A: As the Extend Home is simply an extension of your associated Republic Wireless cell phone, it uses the same Voicemail PIN (and accesses the same Voicemail box) as your cell phone. If you have not set-up a Voicemail PIN for your phone you can do so following the directions here: How to Set Up or Change Your Voicemail Password – Republic Help 24

Please provide more details if this isn’t what you’re trying to do.

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