"SIP Connection Failure": No WiFi Calling

About 2 weeks ago I lost the ability to place calls on Wifi on my home network. It works on other wifi networks. The RW app diagnostic tool says I have an SIP Connection Failure.

RW has been very helpful by providing a good list of items to troubleshoot (nothing worked); my ISP says I need to upgrade my service ( though I have great speed, etc.).

Wifi works on the phone for data, etc., and all else is fine.

I’ve reset the router (Apple Airport Express), and factory reset my phone. The modem is about 9 years old; the router is about 8 years old.

Do I simply need new hardware? Any other suggestions?

Phone is a Moto E (4th gen). Same issue on a Moto G6 in the house.

Hi @davids.lk78mv,

One thing you didn’t mention here is whether you know if you still have this issue on another WiFi network. We wouldn’t want to assume it’s the router or the ISP, if the issue persists everywhere you go.

If it is specific to your home network, it’s interesting that it began just 2 weeks ago. Did you make any changes to your home network around that time?

Perhaps @jben can chime in during the day tomorrow. He may be able to think of a network setting that needs attention. @rolandh might have some insight, as well.

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Good Morning @davids.lk78mv,

For the most part, @jben is the networking expert here. That said, I wouldn’t rush to upgrade your service as suggested by your ISP. Network speed is rarely the issue with WiFi calling. Stability in terms of latency, jitter and packet loss may be the issue. Do you have a speedtest app on your phone? If so, may we know which one?

I’ve since upgraded my networking gear but for many years used Apple Airport equipment without issues. Apple is very good about providing firmware updates for older equipment. Have you checked to see whether there’s a firmware update available for your Airport Express? Unlike other brands, Apple’s Airports require a dedicated app to check for firmware updates. That app is available for Macs, iOS devices and, I think, a Windows version is still available. Do you have access to a Mac, iOS device and/or Windows PC?


Hello. Wifi calling does indeed work on other wifi networks, just not at my home’s wifi network.

No, no updates or changes to my home network recently. The modem and router do get unplugged sometimes (to use the plug for something else), but that’s never caused an issue in the past.

No, no speed test app on phone.

We do have a Macbook, and the router did have a firmware update during this (after the wifi calling dropped). Router firmware is up to date. It was one of the first things I checked.

It looks like you have covered most of the ‘causes’ … fyi the Diagnostics that are built into the RW App do a good job of sequentially checking the phone and it’s connection. When you view the logs after running, you can see the things they test (and results) … SIP connected is way down the list as many of the 57 test have already ran and passed.

  • I would check with the ISP and see if they could provide their ‘approved’ modem/router to help you rule them out as a cause, before you upgrade your router/modem.
    • When you ran the Diags did they call out any other warning/failures?

Thanks, @jben.

–The modem is from the ISP (rented from them), but the router is mine. I do know they have a list of approved modems; I’ll check about routers next. I do know the modem, according to the ISP, is considered “obsolete.” I forget exactly where I read that, but I did see that earlier this year while researching/considering buying a new modem for us anyway.

–On my phone, SIP Connection is the only failure (Moto E 4th gen). My wife’s Moto G6 has the same (and only) failure: SIP Connection

Can I ask which ISP you use?


Take a look at this Spectrum/Charter Is My ISP, Why Can't I Make Calls Over WiFi? – Republic Help

  • This was a long drawn-out problem for the user, it took a lot of involvement from both Republic Support, the user and the community to get this completed

@jben @rolandh @southpaw

As of last Thursday afternoon (June 11), both our phones (Moto E 4th Gen and Moto G6) are able to place calls on wifi, and can perform auto and manual handover during a call. I didn’t do anything to our router, modem, or phones–it just started working.

Thank you, all, for your time and assistance. I’ll keep all you’ve mentioned in mind should this happen again.

Thanks for the feedback, usually I learn something with each attempt to provide help.
This time, I guess we could just call it a User Problem, if you hadn’t tried to use it, you wouldn’t have had a problem.

I had the same issue about a year ago. I live in a retirement community who provides our internet. They ran in circles for several weeks and one morning I got up and it was working. I do not think anything they tried effected the issue.

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