“SIP Connection Failure”: No WiFi (phone) or Extend Home (direct connecton) calling

About an hour ago I lost both cell and extend home phone service. Republic app diagnostics tell me I have no SIP connection. I’ve reset the modem, router, cell phone and extend home to no avail. My extend home is connected directly to my router so I know this is not a WiFi issue. My network is working OK in other respects.

Is this an RW problem or an ISP problem?


Candidly, it could be either. That said, I’m not sharing the problem nor have I yet seen others doing so. Therefore, I’d be inclined to look toward your ISP first. They, no doubt, would be inclined to point the finger at Republic. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edited to Add:

That you’re seeing a SIP Connection Failure on the cell simultaneous to Extend Home not working suggests something is blocking the ability to reach Republic’s servers. The $64,000 question is what that might be? Have their been any firmware updates to your ISP’s equipment that might have triggered an ALG?

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I just finished discussing this with my ISP. They tested their equipment and, as you expected, told me the problem is with my phone service provider. I opened a service ticket which was immediately turned over to an expert who I have yet to hear from.

Speaking as one myself, it sounds like you’ve done the typical resets we would suggest. That said, I don’t rule out the possibility one of my fellow Experts will have another idea.

Might your ISP have unknown to you pushed a firmware update to its equipment? Is finding and testing the behavior of your Republic cell phone on a WiFi network other than yours a possibility? I appreciate this doesn’t appear to be a WiFi issue per se but would still rule out something specific to your network and/or your ISP.

What happens when you take the handset connected to the Extend Home off-hook? Do you get a verbal error message rather than dial tone?

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Suddenly both my phone and extend home started working. Will we ever know if it was RW or my ISP that fixed this? Before this, taking my Extend Home off hook just yielded silence.

Unless there’s an unknown to me wider issue with Republic’s service, I don’t see how Republic would even be aware of such. There’s nothing on Republic’s status page nor anything specifically communicated to Experts. I’m going with glitch on your ISP’s end but, of course, cannot prove that.

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I’m with you on this. I opened this thread to see if anyone else had the problem and you answered that for me. The ISP I spoke with mentioned that a couple of her cohorts were looking into this while she was testing my DSLAM. I’ll be one of them found and fixed the problem. Thanks for your relp Roland.

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Just as an additional data point, I’ve been answering tickets and real-time queries all day and haven’t seen a single other mention of such an issue.

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To put a pin in my phone problems this afternoon.
Like @billg , my WiFi calling issue went away and my extend home is again working.

@billg , out of curiosity is your isp Comcast?

No, my ISP is a small telephone company that serves about 10% of MN.

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For the record on Saturday (the 6th) Republic at our home routed all our calls thru cellular service. The data and text were sent over data. We’re with Spectrum for internet. The behavior was the same for all our phones. The next day all was sent over our isp.

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From my experience and from what you and @SuperT have written, it appears the problem was with RW. @rolandh what do you think? Can you confirm this with RW?

At this time, no. Since, there is still no evidence of a widespread issue, one would need to examine commonalities among you, @SuperT and @hd14. I’m not saying the commonalty isn’t related to Republic but don’t know what that might be.

People who don’t have extend home or don’t look at the Grandstream device AND have decent cell service probably wouldn’t notice this since the doze problem has acclimated people to the hollow arc. I doubt RW would see this as a widespread problem. Clearly someone fixed something and the three of us have different ISPs.

All of that is entirely plausible but we don’t know what the something might be?

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Just saw this thread. My wife and I had the same problem last week. Lost both our phones and my extend home. Extend home voice said needs activated or authorized, can’t remember which. We are in Malabar, Fl. and have Spectrum. Our phones worked ok on cell, just not on wifi in the house. Sent in a ticket after resetting modem and router, going back to previous software on router and then putting the router back to the newest update. Rebooted phones, only had 2 lights on Grandstream device, power and internet, (no phone light). Sent ticket about 11:30 PM, plugged everything back in, and in the morning everything was working!! Republic responded to the ticket in early AM, but the phones and extender were working fine the next morning. Still puzzled.


Going forward we can attribute problems that fix themselves to Dish but they don’t often own up to their problems either…

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