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Member Since: Sept. 2012 (Beta wave L represent!)
Phone: Moto G6 (past phones included the Defy XT, Moto G, and Moto G4+)
Plan: 1 gig

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Put Review Here:This month marks 6 years with Republic Wireless. My wife and I joined back in the beta days and the service has come a long way. We initially had somewhat spotty coverage at home, but as RW has grown and modernized, we’ve seen our connectivity expand. The community was always helpful, but sometimes the growing pains were painful. The Defy XT was my first smartphone with RW, and while it was light years better than the flip phone it replaced, the lack of memory and basic nature of it led to some device envy of friends and colleagues who where still with Big Cell, but the savings definitely dulled the pain a little.

Fast forward to 2018, and things are very different. We’ve been incredibly happy with our service, and haven’t had any significant issues. The selections of phones continues to improve. This month we moved to the G6, which is now the 3rd Moto G phone we’ve had (had the Moto G in 2014, and then the G4 in 2016). I’m not a power user, so I just want a phone with good battery life, enough internal storage for photos and podcasts, and a decent phone. Republic has been able to deliver that for us from day 1.

There are some features I miss, though. I loved getting the Data Footprint updates each month telling me how much I offloaded on wifi. That was really crucial early on in learning data discipline during the transition to smartphones. The verified hotspots (though brief) was appreciated. I get why it was gone, but when travelling it was really helpful.

Finally, RW has been a tremendous savings for us. If we’d stuck with our flip phones the last 6 years, Big Cell would have charged us a little over $8,000 (assuming the phones didn’t die and they didn’t raise rates). Since moving to the 3.0 plan, our monthly bill with RW has gone DOWN! Doing some rough math, we’ve saved nearly $5,000 since the switch.

So, six years in, my wife and I are still happy as can be with RW and our service. Here’s to six more good ones!


Nice update … and to call attention to one of your recent updates, I am taking the liberty of quoting one of your recent updates

Today is the anniversary of the day I joined this community! 9/9/2018
We’ve always donated our old phones to family shelters. A friend who works for DCF told us that from phones can still dial 911 without a service contract is they can get a signal, and they’re often useful for folks to have if they’re in a bad situation. We wipe the storage, factory reset, then drop off the phone and charger.


Hi @petej,

Thanks so much for your kind review, and I hope Beta Wave L will indeed represent. (@andreas?)

I’m glad you’re enjoying the G6. Thanks for the feedback about the data footprint. I’ll make sure the right team takes that into consideration.

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I miss that data footprint feature, too.

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