Slo-mo on Moto e6

I can’t find how to use slo-mo video mode on my Moto e6…

Hi @russells.yq5vu0,

I do not own a Moto E6, however, Motorola’s general guide on recording video is linked here: Record videos - moto e6.

Some information specific to slow-motion video on the Moto E6 from a source other than Motorola is linked here: How to Record Slow Motion Videos in MOTOROLA Moto E6?, how to -


Let us know if you find that option on your E6. The directions shared are the same as for my other Moto phones, however there is a message on the Moto G7 play in the camera app, that slow mo is not available on the E6. Hopefully there is a workaround.

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This doesn’t address slo-mo, and while the 2nd reference says it does, it only says “select slo-mo”! I swear my phone did have it when I bought it, but it has been disabled either by my microSD card or a firmware update… arghhh!!!

As I confessed in my initial reply, I do not own a Moto E6. Have you seen the reply from my fellow Ambassador @grandbobby here: Slo-mo on Moto e6 - #3 by grandbobby. Sadly, it appears the setting may not exist on the Moto E6.

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