Slow charging turbo charger

Suddenly my phone indicates it will take 9 hours to charge. Why?

Most likey a cable failing and limiting the power it can transfer

But it could be that the phone is over heating and can only take so much power at once

It could be something on the phone is eating power almost as fast is getting it

It could be the battery is failing and not taking a charge

It could be a hardware failure

Hi @thurmanw,

What happens if you try to charge the phone while it is turned off, or if you try to charge it on a different charger?

Hi Southpaw,

I get the same result with a different charger. Haven’t tried it with the phone turned off yet. (Lefties rule!)


This is a great app to check charging. I liked it so much I bought the paid pro version. A smiley face means you have a full charge.

Battery Notifier BT Free - Android Apps on Google Play

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