Slow operation MotoE


What phone do you have?
Motor 2nd gen
What plan are you on?
Republic Refund 1 Gb
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

My phone operation has gradually gotten slower and slower (browsing, apps, etc). Is there a way I can reset my phone and “start over”.


Hi @markp.sl4z09!

This is a function of age. You can reset it via the settings. Go to the settings app and then look for a “Backup and Reset” option (or something similar). Be aware that you will lose all your apps, settings, pictures, etc.-so make sure its backed up. That should speed it up. If you don’t want to factory reset it, you can try deleting apps you don’t use and clearing the system cache. Here is a link on how to clear the system cache: How to Clear the System Cache on a Moto E1, G1, X1, and X2 – Republic Help .


Thanks! Will I need to re-activate the phone after the reset?


The phone will stay activated with Republic. However, you will have to sign into the Republic app again.