Slow shipping time


Ordered a G5 Plus from Motorola along with a case for it from Ringke and new sim card from Republic all on Dec. 23, 2017. Got the phone and case both on the same day, Dec 28th. Sim card didn’t even ship out until the 28th and won’t arrive until Jan 3rd?


I’m going to assume you meant December on all of these. Republic doesn’t ship on weekends and had multiple days closed for the holidays. There’s no mail on 12/31 or 1/1 so I’m not sure this sounds anything other than normal holiday shipping schedules…


Yes December, sorry.


They didn’t even ship the order from Republic for 5 days. If it were holiday issues I would have expected to see it happen to the other orders and they arrived promptly.


I run a retail online business and ship dozens of packages a day so I’m quite familiar with this particular topic. I would never sit on an order for 5 days. If I did I wouldn’t be in business very long.


If the concern is with the SIM, it wasn’t a matter of sitting on the order. SIMs were backordered until I thought the 29th.


Nobody told me that when it was ordered, and it’s nothing I would know about otherwise. I only visit here when I need help.


You should have received an email notifying you of the backorder within a few hours of having placed the order.




You should have received email notification as I did. Sorry to hear that apparently didn’t happen for you.


I wouldn’t be here now if I did. That situation would be totally understandable.


Hi @kevinb.ckq44m,

I’ve reviewed your order and I’m very sorry to see that it experienced such a delay. There’s nothing in the order history to indicate exactly why it didn’t move from December 23 through 28th, except that we did post an announcement on 12/22 indicating that our fulfillment center would be closed.

It looks like your order was placed before that 5:00 PM cut-off, and I do apologize that it was delayed with no apparent explanation. Is there something we can do for you as you continue to wait for the order to be received?


Thanks for looking into it for me. No, I’m fine with waiting as my old Moto E keeps chugging along. Just can’t update apps any longer with it. Thanks for your help.


I’m not okay with it.
If you don’t have some product in stock, ready to ship, you have NO business charging people for expedited shipping. PERIOD

Republic seems to be closed for a lot of holidays.
My two day package is taking from Thursday to Thursday to maybe arrive.
If you’re lucky enough to be able to use the old phone it’s workable. My charging port just quit which leaves me ■■■.
Then republic lies about how long I’m going to be without a phone, and won’t answer a question honestly.
I’m going to rethink the whole republic experience.


Hi @williama.brhxbz,

We do our level best to provide accurate expectations of when an order will arrive, and continue to work to improve that messaging in our online store. If a member of our team has answered you dishonestly, I would very much like to look into that. I’ll search your support ticket history momentarily.

Some parts of the ordering, fulfillment, and shipping experience are outside of our control and we do not have tools to see exactly where your package is in the process at any given moment. That’s simple fact, not an avoidance of honesty.

If you placed an order and the item was not in stock, we would expect a “back ordered” indicator on the item. Back-ordered items also allow for cancellation until the item is shipped.

I’ll follow up with you once I have a better understanding of your situation.


Hi @williama.brhxbz,

I apologize for the delay between my replies, I had a couple of meetings I had to attend. I see that in the interim, another reply has been sent on your ticket that fully explains the situation that you experienced. The first reply was in error, as our shipping policy has recently changed and that agent has not been made aware of the changes. I’ll follow up with her team to make sure she has the most recent information.

I apologize that you felt you were being treated deceitfully. Please let me know if the most recent response on your ticket still leaves you with questions or concerns.