Sluggish phone, Factory reset? need help

my phone <moto g 3rd gen> has been very sluggish. I have to backout of any app, messenger, chrome,the phone,ect. once or twice beforemy phone actually brings what i want up. not sure if i got a virus or something. I have used scans and cleaners on it with no effect. will a factory reset help my phone? and if i do one will my number still be linked to my phone?

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a Factory reset will not remove the number from the phone (even the underlying Sprint number will still be there

I would first see if there a misbehaving app that was installed by running in Safe Mode

if the phone behavies well in safe mode then you need to start looking at the apps installed

I would also clear out the system cache clearing the cache (you may have better results with the recovery mode version of cache clearing clearing-the-cache

and see if this helps

the Factory reset is the nuclear option Factory Reset

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