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I have 2 (1st gen, I think) Moto Es not in use. Loved the size, but need more MBs (is that the right term?) Can’t remember if they were 4MB or 8MB. Can they be upgraded to 16? My current Moto G is 8 MB and am running out of room and do not like the larger 5" size. Alternatively, any prospects for Republic to add a smaller 4.3 or 4.7 phone. Also like the size of my wife’s iPhone SE.

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I believe the phones have 8Mb of memory. They cannot be upgraded to 16. Unless the phones have a microSD card slot, the memory on the phones cannot be increased. As for screen size, the trend (even with iPhones) is toward the 5"+ range. Personally, I like having more screen real estate and more room for my fat fingers on the keyboard. But, for people with smaller hands or smaller pockets, I understand the affinity for smaller screens. Once you have gotten used to the larger screen size, you’re not likely to want to go back though.

You can compare phone sizes here:


Thanks. Yeah, I 99% use the phone for texting, so larger size for photos, surfing the web, etc., not really of interest to me. But I’ll stick with a 5" phone at $15/mo at Republic if the alternative is a smaller phone at $60/mo somewhere else.

there is a rumor that iPhone’s may be add later this year
I would expect once the iPhone is usable on Republic all on the same OS version will be allowed including the SE model
here teh podcast where the CEO hinted at iPhone for 2018


Thanks, drm.

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