Smaller phones supported by RW?

I’m thinking about upgrading my 5-year-old Moto G4, which I’ve been very happy with, but all the newer Moto phones in RW’s store are much larger than my current phone’s 5.5" screen size. Are there any phones supported by RW that are on the smaller side but that run at least Android 10 if not 11?

Hi @claudiaz.3ik26i and welcome to the Community!

It’s not that you’re alone in desiring a smaller phone form factor. That said, the brands Republic supports (and most of those it doesn’t) believe what the market wants is ever larger phones. I’ll admit once one gets used to having a larger screen, one’s opinion of larger form factor phones might change.

The best we’re able to do is point you to this Community resource:

Among the features listed there are both screen size and overall phone size for every phone currently supported by Republic. Not every phone on that list is sold at Republic’s online store. Should you need assistance sourcing a Republic compatible phone from a third party retailer, please let us know which phone(s) interest you?

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Thanks, rolandh. I need to go into a store and actually see what the newer phones look and feel like these days. Just from the descriptions, I’m leaning toward the Google Pixel 4a and 5, though their availability seems to be somewhat limited. Hopefully some deals will pop up as the holidays approach.

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