Smaller sized phones

Is there a new Republic Phone that is the same, or smallter, size as the first gen. Moto E? They are all getting big.

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Yes ginormous phones appear to be in the vogue :frowning_face:
Here is a link to Detailed Supported Phone Features, which is a user designed and supported cross reference all the avail/approved phones by some of the key attributes.


I wonder where men are supposed to carry those big phones. Women can put them in their purses, but they are getting too big for pockets.

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Thank you: very excellent data.

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Our pockets are bigger than they appear. I was a bit surprised myself. Perhaps men’s clothing designers are in cahoots with the phone manufacturers? :rofl:

I think the larger pockets are a effect of the larger phones as people look for and purchase shirts/pants with pockets that will hold phablets that we call phones today

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