Smallest phone form factor

What is the smallest phone form factor that Republic Wireless supports currently? In addition, does anyone know if they will be supporting any of the new flip or clam-shell designs in the near future?


Hi @Mike1313 and welcome to the Community!

Please see here:

Traditional flip (a/k/a dumb phones), highly unlikely. Republic’s unique (sufficiently unique to be patented) blended WiFi/cell service depends upon its mobile app and, therefore, requires one of the carrier agnostic factory unlocked Android smartphones listed here: You’ll want to be certain the phone you wish to bring is an exact model number (and in some cases build number match) for those listed.

There are indeed Android smartphones with foldable screens. They are very expensive. None are currently supported by Republic.


The link does not show all the currently supported phones, maybe only new ones, as I’m still on with my S7 Edge. My wife is ready to upgrade from her S7 but wants a small form factor.

I said “new” flip/clam shell, not dumb phones. I get that. And I understand that the new Android smartphones with foldable screens are expensive. Thanks for the info that none are currently supported by Republic. It would be nice to know if/when Republic would support those. While I look at the price my wife doesn’t really care. Bottom line, she wants a small form factor or we will probably change carriers. I’d prefer not to do that.

The table of supported phone features I pointed you to is a Community effort. To the best of my knowledge, the list is complete and it is not limited to newer compatible phones. Specifically, your Galaxy S7 edge is listed there.

Understood, however, Republic’s Community is an online Internet forum. Though trying to answer your specific question, I also endeavor to do so in a way that makes sense to others who may be reading. For many flip/clam shell phones and dumb phones are one and the same.

Yes, they are.

Indeed, it would be nice but Republic for perfectly understandable business reasons is not in the habit of publicly disclosing what may or may not be on the road map. Road maps can and do change. Therefore, like most companies, Republic keeps the road map to itself until and unless ready to make an announcement. If/when Republic is ready to make such an announcement, ir would be made in #news

And, Republic would prefer you not do so. That said, the best one might do is make decisions based on currently available facts.

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