Smart Watch compatability, suggestions?

I’m looking to purchase a smart watch and am wondering if anyone knows which will be compatible with a Moto G5 plus. I am not going to get an Apple product so any others out there folks have had success with?

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Pretty much any smartwatch that uses Bluetooth will work with any Android phone…even the Apple watch (to a limited extent).

What smartwatch u get really is based on what u need most, a fitness tracker/health stats first, with some smart phone tie in abilities, get a Fitbit, a actual smartwatch, get a Samsung Galaxy watch or some Android wear watch.

Note that, Republic Wireless does not support a SIM card for standalone LTE use on smartwatches. But u can pair the watch to your phone that is on RW, using Bluetooth.

Thanks for the info. I had seen some reviews out there on some of the watches indicating complications with some types of phones so I thought I should check it out before I actually make a purchase.

You will want to make sure that the watch you select doesn’t require a newer Android version than your phone has. I believe the G5+ is updated to Oreo, so you wouldn’t want anything that requires Android P or newer.

Can you tell us what you’re hoping to be able to do with the smartwatch? As @SpeedingCheetah mentioned, some are designed more as fitness trackers.

I hope we’ll see some people using smartwatches chime in with some good suggestions from personal experience.

Well I like my galaxy active2 paired with my s9+, but ymmv

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