Smart Watch For Daughter To Communicate With

I live in the mountains, and our RW phones only work when connected to our WiFi. Which is fine, I rarely have issues unless the power goes out. I have read past questions regarding smart watches but didn’t see one similar to my question.
When my almost teenage daughter is at school I would like to be able to communicate if she needed something, or if I had to tell her I’m running late. In the mountains it is spotty in some areas, but I think at the actual school she could maybe connect to the WiFi there? So how does BlueTooth connection work when we just aren’t in the same building? Does it even work? I was looking at smart watches that are for kids, where she could only receive texts and phone calls from the numbers I put in. Some have a GPS on them too. Has anyone found anything like this? Verizon or other carriers sell their own watches that seem to work but we wouldn’t have those options where we live. RW is the way to go here.

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Republic does not support any smartwatches that use a SIM card for cellular connectivity. Bluetooth requires the two devices to be fairly close together, definitely not in separate buildings.

Is there a particular reason you want a watch for her? (For example, does her school forbid students from carrying a phone?) I ask because if you had an old smartphone or tablet, or picked one up cheaply somewhere, and if she could connect it to WiFi at school, then she could communicate with you by use of a messaging app, e-mail, or Google Voice, all without any monthly cost.

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