Smart watch ideas?

I’ve been a Republic Wireless customer for many years now - I appreciate the great rates and service and especially the educator discount! I will be an assistant principal for the first time next year, which means not only having to carry my phone and walkie talkie around while wearing a dress ( something that has been a challenge in the past :)), but also getting an iphone from the district. It would be really helpful to have a smart watch that can get notifications (call, SMS, and email) from both phones as I walk around the building (so on wifi, but not in Bluetooth range). I don’t care about any of the other features of smart watches like fitness tracking, music, etc. Does such a device exist? Are there any other folks who have jobs requiring lots of movement around a building that have come up with ways to stay in touch without constantly carrying a phone or two?

First, there isn’t a smartwatch that works with Republic service from a SIM card perspective. The only smartwatches that do are the Bluetooth/WiFi connected type.

Now that being said, I don’t believe there’s a smartwatch that can connect to two service simultaneously. I’ve owned multiple smartwatches including Samsung Gear S2 and S3, Asus Zen Watch, the Huawei Watch and the Fossil Gen 4 and none have that capability. I also know the space well and I’m not even aware of a no-name Chinese watch or anything that works this way.

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My Samsung Galaxy Watch can connect via Bluetooth directly to the phone, and also connect to wifi. On wifi, the watch works the same as it does if it was paired to the phone, but the phone does not have to be connected via BT for notifications to work, just the phone has to also be connected to the Internet. I ended up disabling the wifi feature on the watch because it drastically kills the watches already short battery life. (short compared to my trusty old Pebble watch).

I do not know of a smart watch that can be paired to 2 phones at the same time…if that is what u are wanting to do.

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