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I really appreciate the data usage notification emails. I love how easy it is to see data usage using the RW app. I love how easy it is to buy another 1GB of data if desired.

I’d like to suggest an improvement (in my opinion) would be rather than simply sending notification emails at 75%, 90%, 95%, and 100%, also consider the ratio of GB remaining to cycle time remaining.

For example, in the image above, I have 24% of my data left to service only 3.33% of billing cycle. I don’t need to be notified about this. Clearly, my usage pattern indicates that I will not run out before the cycle renews.

To put it another way, only send notification if the trend suggests the user will run out before the cycle ends. It should be simple math–not asking for a complicated machine learning AI be put to work here! :slight_smile:


This image is from an E-mail you received today?

Hey, @southpaw!

Yes, GMail tells me “Mon, Jan 1, 2018 at 4:35 AM”.

Thanks. I’ll try to learn more about these messages and pass along your feedback. Do you know the subject line?

One useful bit of information this message gives you, is that with only a couple of days left in your billing cycle, you are a long way from using all your data. If this is typical, you could save some money by moving to a much smaller plan size, then adding one-time data only when you have an atypical month.

Edit: Ah, now I get it… I thought it meant you had used only 1.2 GB of your 5 GB! Your subject line (in reply) showed me I’m reading it wrong.)


Agree that the email is not useless.

In fact, the point you make would be another feature that would be killer for marketing purposes in my opinion: RW could send notifications when the pattern suggests the customer could save money by scaling back on the number of GB they subscribe to.

I would send these post-cycle rather than proactively. “Dear, RW customer! You used less than 3 GB last month but your plan allows for 5 GB. If you think this will be your normal usage, you can save money by changing your plan at any time! Simply open the RW app…”

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The bean counters may not agree.

@williamo.vkbg0s Exactly why competitors don’t do this and why this would be a huge differentiator for RW. Back in the day I remember calling T-Mobile looking for ways to save money. The rep reviewed my account and told me that I could change to a lower plan, and that in fact I could have been on the lower plan for over a year. It simply ticked me off! I understand why they don’t proactively help the customer in this way. Greed. “It’s just business”, many will say. True. I’d argue, and I think many have proven, the best business is the business of making happy–even fanatical–customers.

Jan 2018 marks the beginning of year #2 with Republic Wireless for my family. We are glad we made the switch. Beyond the savings, for me, a huge part of what I love is how simple it is to setup new service and manage existing service. I guess it was a problem in the past before I signed up, but I have to also say that the customer service has been wonderful. This includes the support I receive (and give) via the RW Community.

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