Smartwatch can it read texts without data plan using WiFi?

I do not have a data plan. Can I use a smartwatch for texting and/or phone calls?

I work in a school with wireless so if the phone and or the watch are on wifi will they work?

Hi @jenniferr.491p42,

I’m sorry to see no one has tried to take a stab at your question. Could you tell us what smart watch you are considering?

Are you currently able to connect your Republic Wireless phone to your school’s Wi-Fi network? Which phone do you have?

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Hi Jennifer, sorry to say I somehow missed your message until just now. I have a Samsung Gear S2 and Gear S3 in my family. They’re both able to connect over wifi to the phone to receive text messages (in other words, they don’t need to be in bluetooth range).

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Yes, you can, but features will depend on the SmartWatch. I have the FitBit Versa and it connects to the phone via bluetooth, so the phone would need to be on WiFi and within bluetooth range. It’s able to receive text messages (or at least the first sentence for a really long one), respond with up to 5 prewritten responses, and pick up/hang up calls, but not talk or hear. Previously I had a Wear OS watch that had similar features.

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