Smartwatches that work with Anywhere Text

Hi! So, I’m looking to (finally) get a smartwatch. I’m thinking probably the Galaxy 4. My question is, does it work to receive/send texts with the Anywhere app. My husband has a TicWatch Pro 3 and I linked it to my phone to test if it works. It didn’t. It linked fine with my phone and would even receive calls but I couldn’t get it to recognize texts. In the Wear OS app, it allowed me to turn on notifications for the Anywhere app but I couldn’t ever see it on the actual watch. So, does anyone have any experience with this? Perhaps it is the Ticwatch that is the problem. Or maybe my phone being an older model is an issue (I have a Samsung S8+). But before sinking money into a watch I want to make sure it is compatible and I’m hoping someone here can help. Thanks!

No watch works with Anywhere. Anywhere is also no longer in development. You can switch to Google Messages on your Republic Phone and then on the Galaxy 4 (which I have) you can also load the Messages for Wear App there and use it.

Oh wow. I didn’t realize that. Thank you.

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I’m probably not understanding what some fancier smart watches are capable of doing, but I’m using a Fitbit Sense and have Anywhere as my default messaging app on my phone. I haven’t had any problems between the two.

On something like that Watch4 you have the ability to not only get a notification but to read the message, mark it read, reply to it, etc, all from the watch. I haven’t found a way to do that with Anywhere on either the recent Tizen Watches (Gear S3, Active 2) or the latest Samsung Watch4 (Wear 3.0).

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