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Hi, My SMS backup is not backing up, suddenly. I receive the message I need to free up some space on Google Drive. I tried to delete things, but, I think I may have too many apps, but, I sort of need most of them, at least at sometime in the future. I do not have a memory card. If I did, would I be able to move some apps to it? and if I did, would my apps work the same? Thank you for any help!

Open the My Drive page in a browser On the left panel check out the numbers in My Storage (for instance, today, mine says 12.5GB out of 17GB used). To free up space, check what is in the Trash. Select all of those files and right-click and choose Delete Forever.


I am on my phone trying to do this. 99% full. Tap Trash. Do not know how to select items, or how to right click. Should I be on my computer?

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OK, I deleted some of those, but only helped some. 95% full now. ? anything else I can do?

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I do find it much easier on the computer. Are there any files left in the trash?

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I just tried on the computer. I emptied all the trash. I now have 85% FULL. I have never had anything like this happen to me, ever. Is it because I now have more apps? I thought I looked at why it was so full, and the Apps, seemed to be the issue. Everyone wants you to download their app!

Google gives you 15GB of free space on Google Drive (which is a cloud storage service). You are probably backing up photos and video, contacts, and other backup information (SMS, apparently) to this drive. You can purchase more space if you choose:
You can also go through the information on the drive and clear out things you no longer want, back up the information on Google Drive to another location of your choosing, or choose not to back up information to Google Drive at all.


Backing info up to another location… such as what locations are you referring to? I really like to avoid purchasing more space from Google.

I believe your SMS Backup and Restore app can use Dropbox and OneDrive, as well as Google Drive.

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ok, thx! But, here is a question. In Drive, I see many, many sms backups… I guess it’s phone calls and texts. It backs up daily. Why do I need all those? Cannot I just delete all but the last one? Won’t the very last one contain the most current info? Or am I thinking incorrectly? Thank u!

Seems likely, but you can ask the software developers directly: Contact Us – SyncTech

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will do. Thank you!

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The backups are being saved to a Google Drive folder named Apps/SMSBackupRestore. Older backups are not deleted automatically, so you need to manually remove the old ones every once in a while. (How often depends on how big they are, and how frequently the backups are scheduled). I usually keep just one or two backups prior to the most recent.

Here are things you can do to make the backups take up less space. You don’t need to do all of them, even one may be enough to fix your storage problem.

  1. Periodically remove older backup files — they are not needed. The file name includes the backup date in the form YYYYMMDD… There is a backup file of your phone calls (date, time, number called) which will be quite small, and another for your SMS messages which will be very big if your messages include photos.

  2. Don’t back up so often. In the SMSBackup app, go to Settings➡Scheduled Backup, and change the backup frequency to “Daily, repeat every 28 days”.

  3. Don’t back up photos that are attached to messages. These take a lot of space in the backup. There are two ways to do this. (Of course, this affects future backups and won’t shrink ones that have already been created).

    • You can manually go through your text messages and delete the photos that you are no longer interested in. Or
    • Go to Settings➡Backup Settings and select “Text-only MMS only”. This tells the backup program not to include images when it’s backing up.
  4. If you are making frequent backups (more often than monthly), you can tell SMSBackup to delete older ones automatically. That’s in Settings➡Backup Settings➡Google Drive settings. (Or Dropbox/OneDrive if that’s your chosen location).


Thank you, i sort of figured out i didn’t need to keep all the old backups. This is the answer i was looking for. thank you!


Don’t forget to empty your Drive trash.


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