SMS error message


I keep getting an error message, SMS not valid, use a valid number for US and Canada. I am in Colombia now, and downloaded WhatsApp so I can communicate with the people here. This just started happening today. Does anyone know what’s going on and how to fix it!


Just so I understanding the issue correctly
you have Whatsapp installed and are using that when you get this error? (if that the case you will need to contact the whatsapp team
one thing to check and see in the whatsapp has permission for SMS if it does try removing that permission
for android 8.0: open phone setting :gear: --> Apps and notifications --> App permissions --> SMS --> turn off for whatsapp

if you are using the normal texting app and get this error on non-US or Canadian numbers that that expected as Republic does not send to international numbers (calling or texting) only US and Canadian numbers


I’m not sure why I am getting it. I turned on allow notifications and that message kept popping up so I turned off notifications from RW. I was able to text, was not trying to contact any internacional #s si I still understand, but I tested texting and it was sent and received.