SMS issues and TMobile and Google

Have a motorola g power. Had no issues sms at home. Out and about none recieved or gotten. This at 9 am Arizona time 12/9/20. Noticed on a Tmobile forum some with Motorola and LG and some other brand phone also having issues. Possible some Google update was mentioned. As said wifi works but going through tmobile just stuck on sending. Any issues here? Yes I did say backend is Tmobile Arizona.

Hi @cia,

Is the issue limited to text messaging? Are you able to get to the Internet when away from WiFI?

Limited to cell Tmobile and sms and presume that data version of sms for pictures etc, also doesn’t work. Calls seem ok. Texts goes through on wifi. As said on a reddit tmobile forum noticed motoralo lg and some other brand may be having issues with sms currently maybe some google update.

I’m seeing some evidence that possibly points to a GSM (T-Mobile network) data issue. With Republic, text messaging requires data (WiFi or cell). Hence, the question regarding whether you were able to reach the Internet generally when on cell. To confirm, you are able to reach the Internet on cell for web browsing, for example?

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