SMS message works off and on ,if I am on cell service my messages do not send all time

If I am on wifi the SMS messager seems to work just fine but when I am on cell service out of the blue I get a message saying your message was not sent tap to retry so I tap but the same message pops up message not sent ,I had this problem when the phone first arrived last month and asked the community and got help and thought it was solved but it seems almost daily the problem pops up I have found a way to get it to work again by turning the phone off and back on again which works ,but I paid 199.00 for a functional phone and would love to hear thoughts from someone out there.

What has Motorola support and Republic support said about this issue? Do you have another phone to test to see if the issue persists on both phones?

My understanding is the Community is the first line of support.

You may want to try the app “Textra” as talked about in this post: Splitting Text Messages on Moto G4 (1GB plan)

I know its a different issue, but others seem to have had success on the 3.0 phones with other messaging apps than the default one from the phone. Others have recommended “Google messenger”

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