SMS/MMS delayed or lost entirely

Ok, guys. I’ve been a loyal RW customer since I got my first smartphone in 2015, but my daughter switched to Mint back in November since she needed more data than me and is not driving (so is never in an area alone where she might have to roam off network). My phone is a Galaxy S8+ that I love. In November or December 2019, I started noticing or realizing that some of my outgoing text messages (sms and mms) were either getting lost entirely (never received by the recipient) and some incoming text messages weren’t coming through on my phone until i toggled airplane mode, closed the texting app, and reopened it or rebooted my phone. It started while I was using Republic Anywhere, but I had it for a few years prior without any issues. I switched to Google Messages, still had the problem, and most recently switched all text (unencrypted and encrypted) to Signal, still having the problem. It was completely unpredictable when this would happen. Often while I was on wifi at home, other times while transitioning from wifi to cell, and sometimes entirely over cell. I tried everything to narrow it down - it happened when talking to iPhone users and Android users. I recently asked my daughter if it ever happened with her Moto G7 and she said it happened to her a few times when she first got the phone, after my wife passed away (it had been her phone) late last year and then hasn’t happened since she switched to Mint. So apparently it isn’t even the phone itself. I figured it would be worth trying 3 months with Mint to compare and eliminate the possibility that it was the phone. If it still happened, I wouldn’t be able to point the finger at RW, so I could just switch back with no contract pricing as I really enjoyed everything else about RW.

Now that I am on Mint, it has not happened at all for the past week or so (I switched last Thursday) and it always happened several times per week. I figured it would be easier to file this for RW to investigate if I knew it was something on your network than if I didn’t know and we tried to point it at my software. Also, I had performed a factory reset during the time this was happening and it still happened while on RW.

I’m not posting this to try to get people to leave RW. In fact, I actually want to come back to RW after this trial period! I just want RW’s engineers to be able to look into this and resolve the issue. Please feel free to contact me for any information that might help troubleshooting. For the record, I was on the CDMA network during the time this was happening, but my daughter experienced it on the GSM network during her brief time on RW.

Thanks @kwadz,

We’re sorry to have lost you as a member.

Can you be certain the issue persisted after April 22?

Hi, @southpaw! Thank you for reaching out to me. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure I will be back with rw soon, especially if your techs can identify and confirm that they resolved this issue. I am 100% certain that the issue occurred at least a week after April 22nd and also into early May. I literally have text threads with my friends where I had to take screenshots of what I said and send it to them minutes or hours after I originally sent the messages, and they confirmed that they never received them.

Problem definitely isn’t fixed. In fact my lost messages have gotten worse and less predictable. Additionally, network connectivity/notifications for other apps both on wifi and data have become similarly degraded. No amount of troubleshooting has helped.

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