SMS/MMS from Canada- rejected or incur charges?

My son’s best friend just moved to Canada and my son has still been texting him. I know Republic plans do not cover texts to/from Canada. Is it because my son’s friend’s phone is still under a US plan ( they moved a week ago) or am I incurring charges?
Will the texting just stop once his friend’s line moves to a Canadian provider?

Republic plans actually include unlimited calling and texting to Canada, so there’s nothing at all to worry about.

Edited to add: There’s also nothing to worry about because it is impossible to accidentally incur charges with Republic. If your phone can do it, it is included in what you’ve already paid for.

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Ok, thanks. I saw info on international service and it said SMS/MMS was not covered (although calls were,)

Glad to know he can continue to call and text his best friend. And that I don’t have to worry about any surprise charges.


Can you please send a link to the documentation where you saw this…so that we can request it to be amended, if required?

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I believe this is the document. I’ve already submitted a request to update: International Service – Republic Help

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Yes, that was the document I read. Sorry I didn’t link to it earlier.

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No need for apology! Thanks for pointing out the issue!

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