Sms restore did not restore some of my messages

I recently switched my phone from a moto G4 to Moto power. I moved my text messages using the SMS backup and restore app. All seemed to go well as I could see many text messages when I opened Messages however in the last few days I have tried to use groups that were well established on my old phone and those groups are either not there or do not have the last year of messages. When I look at the size of backup files on both phones, they are the same size yet I can see the missing groups and most recent messages on the old phone’s backup but not on the new one. what’s going on? Do I clear cache and try the whole restore again? thanks for any information!

You may want to contact the App Developer,

There’s a FAQ here:

It contains a number of helpful tips for restoring missing messages, and explanations of why some messages may not have been restored.


thank you…thought I checked this out but I missed one question, which was about my question so I am looking into some of the suggestions. we’ll see if one works for me.


update…I checked a few things mentioned in the FAQs and none applied but I was able to pick out the specific text conversations that I wanted restored and was able to re-transfer/restore just those specific texts and successfully restored! Still not sure what happened and how this all works because before I started the original backup/restore I cleaned up my texts in Messages on my old phone so that I would not transfer data that I did not want and after all that, those texts showed up on my new phone:( whatever…wish the whole transfer process was more straightforward.


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