SMS restore problems & Messenger Freezing


Phone Brand : Motorola
Phone Model : Moto X Gen1
Plan : 1.0 Wifi only
Plan Data : No

Hi there. I am still using Kitkat on my old Moto X Gen1. I had CM Backup installed long ago to backup my SMS & call logs. Have been notified that CM Backup stopped backing up in June or July & will cease to exist as of Oct so folks need to remove their content from their Cloud or lose it.

I use the stock phone messenger. I re-set it to not delete any old messages so i could restore all my messages from CM Backup to my phone & then backup everything w/SMS Backup+. I restored thousands of SMS overnight & now I cannot use Messenger at all. I assume it probably has something to do with a message overload but am unable to delete any messages. Nor can I send or receive new ones or even open the old ones. When trying to open, it just says that it is loading conversations & never finishes, then the message that Messaging has stopped.

I have powered down several times, which will bring up the messages when restarted but once you tap on any of them it freezes with the loading screen & must reboot again. I started in Safe mode w/no difference. I did ##72786#, cleared cache (using volume down + power, etc), cleared cache & data in app, & uninstalled/reinstalled the RW app w/no difference.

I also got a one-time bug report titled “ghost_repw-user 4.4.4 KXA21.12-L2.7.2 12 release-keys” that i was able to email the attachment to myself. It is not something that I can read/interpret, though.

I am hoping to avoid a factory reset so wanted to see if you folks have any other ideas. From a Google search, I think what needs to happen is that messages need to be deleted (even though I have ample storage on my phone) but I am unable to do that. When I tap a sms & then tap Trash, it just takes me back to the original screen of all messages (with that sms still there) or goes to the loading conversations screen, freezes, & then crashes. Any ideas?



Why are you not updating to android 5.1? Probably half the issues is the phone is on DALVIK system and not the newer ART system that comes with 5.1. Apps and app updates are built off of are now and have to backtrack to reconvert to DALVIK. Phones run better and faster on ART.
I would factory reset the phone.



Just an update in case this helps anyone else. Apparently, I was just not waiting long enough for the restored messages to be indexed or whatever vs a particular OS or app issue. I initially waited over an hour & it appeared to be frozen. However, after waiting 2.5 hours, without trying to open any messages, the messages all appeared & I was then able to delete which in turn allowed Messaging to work properly again. The only problem I had was that for some strange reason a handful of old MMS were trying to re-send again, even though they went thru originally, so I was unable to send MMS due to “too many unsent MMS” error. Unfortunately, it took some time weeding thru messages to see which MMS were still in “sending” mode since they did not get flagged w/a “failure” icon yet.

Before deleting, I used “SMS Backup+” to save all the previously restored messages. This app was quick to save thousands of messages & my call logs directly to my Gmail account so they will be easy to search if need be in the future. There is also an option to backup MMS which I did not feel I needed to do so can’t comment how quick/slow that process may be. I have the automatic backup schedule on & that seems to work as expected. I have not yet tried to use the restore function so cannot comment on that yet.

Since there were thousands of messages to weed out, I used “SMS & MMS Search & Delete” app. I had no problems installing & using it so would recommend. It deleted thousands of messages in just a few minutes so it was very quick. I also like the fact that you can just search for MMS so I can download any photos sent to me that I want to save before deleting MMS.

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