Sms short codes not working?

6 number short code to citi bank not working, it worked until about 2 weeks ago… any ideas?

Hi @daleb.tap6k2,

Are you experiencing issues with all short codes or just the one you reference for Citi? If the latter, may we know the specific short code?

mainly the citi one 445544

I do not have an account with Citi, so my ability to test this specific short code is limited. I did send the common commands HELP and STOP, which usually will get a response but have not received any on multiple Republic phones. I do get a response on a non-Republic phone. OTOH, I’m not having issues on my Republic phones with short codes, generally.

So, it would seem there’s a failure to communicate. Whether the issue is on Republic’s end or with Citi’s aggregator is unknown. I suggest raising a help ticket. You may do so when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help.

I did not see Citibank it in this link:

Unsupported Short Codes | Republic Wireless Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia

The Comcast one bit me the other day when I tried to connect my RW phone to my account unsuccessfully.

I’m reasonably certain Citi’s short code is supported, which is why I suggested raising a ticket. Comcast’s is not.

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