SMS To E-mail: Mixed Results

Anyone else have really inconsistent results with SMS to E-mail?

Trying to setup something so I can be alerted of critical IT failures at my employer, using the PRTG Network Monitoring tool.

I tested the following e-mail accounts sending to my number at

-Office 365: Message appeared to send, never arrived at phone. No errors or bounce-backs. Message appeared to send, never arrived at phone. No errors or bounce-backs.
-PRTG Network Monitoring Application: Appeared to send, never received. This was after trying to send out through several SMTP relays, all of which worked at other e-mail and cell providers.

-GMail: Seems to work. Few minutes of delay but is the most consistent of the above options.

Got a colleague in the office, also on Republic. Same scenario for all the above on his phone as well.

Helpful Specifics
-My Phone: MotoX Pure Edition
-Colleague Phone: Samsung Galaxy 7
- is my Republic app version.
-…and yes, I checked in the app to make sure the e-mail to sms box is CHECKED under advanced.

Hi @philr.nx9uel,

Candidly, Republic’s email to SMS gateway seems to be as much miss as hit for some. I’m not sufficiently expert on this one to be of much assistance with troubleshooting. I’m confident someone more versed will drop in.

The above said, SMS is really old clunky technology that hangs on largely because none of the more robust alternatives talk to each other. Everyone seems more interested in developing competing walled gardens. I’m wondering if bypassing SMS wouldn’t be a better solution. Perhaps, this highly rated app:

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I am having a problem if I use the Android messaging app, where it would not receive email-to-sms messages if they were longer than 20-30 characters. If I use the Republic Anywhere app, then the longer messages get through.

Also, I have been having a problem receiving email-to-sms messages from certain servers. It has been sporadic. They would work for a long time, then suddenly stop, then work for a few weeks, and now have stopped. This doesn’t matter which SMS app I use, even the Republic Anywhere desktop application.

My phone is a Moto G4 Plus. My wife has the same phone and it exhibits the same email-to-sms behaviors.

So, one thing to check is to send very short messages from these accounts and see if this is the same message length issue I have been seeing. Also, try the Republic Anywhere app as your messaging app.

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