SMS transfer from Moto G4 to Moto G7 Failed ... Help?

Used SMS Backup & Restore APP for SMS transfer which failed. Has anyone experienced same failure with SMS app?

Hi @dew.pz33tr and welcome to the Member Community. Which backup and transfer method are you using? According to the Synctech site, there are multiple ways to transfer from one phone/device to another.

They have a web page describing this –

Perhaps if you give a little more detail on any failure notifications you are getting (or symptoms) others can provide more specific solutions. We used the WiFi method when transferring messages and call logs from our Moto G1’s to our Moto G6’s with no problem. But others have not had the same success :thinking:

Maybe a review of the information on the App developers site will help. Others may also reach out once you send more detail. Hope this helps!

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Hi @dew.pz33tr
Welcome to the Community.

This article is a step by step (with images), that shows how to back up and then restore from SMS Backup. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi Freddyp - Thank you very much for your reply. Unfortunately, we were unable to to find anything relating to our specific issues of failures on SyncTech and their troubleshooting database. And, being our first posting we were unsure how much detail to initially begin with but your feedback is very helpful and appreciated for future postings.
Hi SuperT - Thank you for your reply as well. Before posting, we exhausted all online resources including the one you linked to and unfortunately none addressed any issues of failures.

We have attempted all basic options with SMS Backup & Restore and conclude that app may not be helpful for our transfer needs;

  1. WiFi transfer fails every time (even after restarts on both phones)
  2. Source phone backup fails (“No write access to file”?)
  3. Local backup on source phone fails.
    We are considering perhaps failures could be related to the initial phone setup where the SD Card was setup as the internal storage location?? Or, could it be a simple item such as a incorrect setting??
    SyncTech requested the error logs which we have forwarded on. Pending their response, we are exploring more advanced developer options to try and retrieve the SMS/Call Log data files. We hope to post final resolutions for others who may have same experiences.

i just used SMS Backup app and saved my messages from my Pixel 3 to a local file (.xml) on the phone, set it to save to the Downloads folder. Took that file, put it on an other phone (a Nexus) and used the same app to restore the message (it took forever).

I at first did not see the messages in Google Messages…but it had a tool tip in the backup app to clear the storage data of the Messages app. After i did that, all the messages appeared. This is how I was able to transfer all message from Pulse SMS app I was using on one phone, to Google Messages on a different phone.

If you backup or restore is failing, then that most often means you did not grant the app the correct permissions, and/or it is not set as default text app during the processes. If those settings are correct, and still fails, then it mean some thing is corrupted and/or not readable by the apps.

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