So frustrated with Republic, need help


I am so frustrated with Republic and don’t know where to tern. Is there anyway to talk on the phone with someone there?
I have had a RW phone for 4 years, I have used the same phone number for 10 years. I moved into a basement appartment in May and my phone has not been able to make callls. I can receive but have to go outside to dile. I need a phone that works and I need to keep my number. When I went to get a new phone they said RW has my number, I cannot use it on another phone. I don’t want to buy another RW phone and have it not work. How can I get my number released from the system. This isn’t OK and I don’t want to go on a public campaign against RW but I need my number. Please help. thanks Judy


Any phone provider can transfer a Republic Wireless number. Cricket Wireless chooses not to do so. Instructions for transferring a number away from Republic Wireless can be found at:


More info is need for the community to try and assist you.

Do you have wifi in the area you cant make calls?
If so, are you connected.
Do you have cell signal?

What phone do you have?


Hi @judym.iubj46,

I’m opening a ticket on your behalf and someone from our Help team will be in touch with you.


Yes I have wifi in my home from whitch I cannot make calls. I have a cell signal


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