So Frustrating - Lack of New Phones

My family and I have been with RW for six years. We have six phones for the five of us (my parents still call the home phone, so it’s on a non-data plan). I’m ready to upgrade my phone and after researching I decided on the Pixel 5a, only to find out it’s not currently available on RW.

If corporate would wake up and at least let us know what models are currently being tested it would potentially limit some, like myself, who are thinking of giving Google FI a shot. If I don’t hear something about the Pixel 5a by October I’m going to get a Pixel 5a and use Google FI. If it works, I may be with them for six years and my family will as well because once I get a better phone the kids and wife will probably get the Pixel 6, not wanting an old man to be more advanced technologically.

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Hi @chrisp.sehv7v,

Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate your interest in remaining with Republic, however, there is no news we can provide at this time concerning future phone models or dates when new models may start to be approved again.

Corporate is wide awake. We understand that the current lull in adding new phones for support means we may lose some long-time members. We see that there is a lot of interest in the new Pixel phones. We also know that our members tend to buy the phone they really want, then hang onto it for a long time, so the decision they make now will be a decision that sticks. While we’re truly sorry to see our members have to leave us, it is a difficult business decision that has had to be made in order to bring improvements down the road.

I hope you’ll keep an eye on Republic and avoid any long-term contracts so that if we do support your next phone after we work through the changes we’re putting in place, perhaps you’ll be in a position to come back to Republic.

Thank you for the time you’ve been with us as a family, and for taking the time to share your thoughts.

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It sounds like you have a whole lot of information you’re not telling me. What big changes? I’ve heard nothing about this. Please let me know if you’re being serious.

Hi @chrisp.sehv7v,

Sorry for any confusion. This certainly isn’t something I’d joke about. Your post sounded like you had read my previous post or had heard similar news from our Help Team. This is what I’m referring to: Pixel 5a 5G: How long does it take for Republic to verify "bring your own phone" compatibility? - #21 by southpaw

No, I hadn’t read that, thanks. Is there any chance the new process would include Apple devices?

I’m sorry, @chrisp.sehv7v, we really can’t talk about any future plans. Not because we want to leave you hanging, but because if we suggest, even in the vaguest of terms, that we’re working on something specific and then the plans have to change or be delayed, we’re accused of stringing folks along or, worse, lying.

Is there some reason you’d prefer an iPhone over a Pixel?

No, I prefer Android, but when I talk to friends complaining about their $300+ family cell phone monthly fees about switching to RW the first response when I tell them no Apple phones is “Well that’s a non-starter in our family.”


Well, thank you for trying to help your friends save some money by pointing them to Republic!

This current situation is more than a little concerning. If a phone as purely Android as the Pixel 5a 5G can’t be authorized as a matter of course, it’s hard to avoid wondering how drastic possible upcoming changes could be.

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