So frustrating--no text when not on wifi

Bought a new Samsung A20 for my wife from Republic. I have searched and have done everything everybody has said to do on here and my wife still can’t send text when not on wifi. About ready to hang it up and go back to Verizon. I would rather pay more and be able to use a phone all the time. It really shouldn’t be this much trouble. It should just take a few settings maybe here and there and it should work.

Did she have another phone with RW prior to this one? Did texting work on that phone outside of WiFi?

If so, it is most likely a coverage issue.

Open the RW app
Look under :settingsicon: -> About
Let us know what it says for SIM Type

Model SM-A205U1
App version
Sim type—GSM

If you don’t mind, can you share your zip code?


There can be a few things going on here.

It may be coverage as was suggested earlier, but it could be something much simpler. First, has your wife replaced the default Samsung messaging app with a supported App (google messages recomended)? If yes, is cellular data turned on in the Android Settings?

I sure hope its not coverage because it doesn’t matter where she goes, it happens and Lansing, MI is a big city and I would hope Republic uses towers here. And her cellular data is on. Any other ideas? New SIM card or any other one of the dozens of settings might need changing?

And she has replaced the default Samsung messaging app?

Yes, she is using Google messenger.

Questions, under access point name, does it matter if Republic or Republic Wireless is chosen?

I would recommend that you submit a help ticket and request a CDMA SIM card

Why a CDMA card?

The CDMA SIM card will put you on Sprint coverage which I believe will provide better cellular data access compared to GSM (T-mobile).
A cellular data connection is necessary for Texting to work on Republic Wireless.

GSM (T-mobile) coverage in your area based on the 48827 zip code has several regions of “Fair” coverage…relative to that… Sprint has much more solid coverage in that area.

I have to agree with the assessment of coverage and in addition, based on everything we’ve checked, it will likely be a better experience with the CDMA SIM. Do you have other Republic phones in the family? If so, what models?

I use a Samsung S7 with a GSM SIM card. I have no issues with texting.

How do I order a CDMA SIM?

Hi @brucel.6ij52e,

Are you in the same locations as your wife and experiencing different texting results? For example, is this happening to her when she’s at work, in a place you would not typically spend time, or is it happening to her in the same places you frequent?

If you’re in the same locations and having different texting experiences, please open a ticket and let’s have our technicians troubleshoot further.

If you’re in different locations, it’s possible it’s a coverage issue that a different SIM card would resolve, but since you’ve added this additional factor that your S7 with a GSM SIM card texts fine, I think we don’t want to jump to a conclusion that may not be a solution.


This almost always happens when she is in her car or in other words, outside of a wifi connection. For me mine works most everywhere unless I know I am in a bad cell signal area.

I have submitted a ticket-thank you for the help.

I think what we are looking for is a side by side test with your two phones.

If your phone works and her doesn’t…then it is no longer just a coverage issue and that’s where you will need to submit a help ticket and work with RW support to figure out what is unique to your wife’s phone that is causing the issues with texting.

If she is driving in areas that has worse coverage than the locations where you are using the phone for texting…then it’s not a valid comparison.

As I noted earlier… based on that zip code that you shared earlier…48827… I think both of you will have a better texting experience if you got CDMA SIM cards for both phones.

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