So incredibly deeply frustrated and no one at RW cares

I recently signed up with Republic Wireless and it has been absolutely horrendous! I have used the chat feature and issued a help ticket, but to no avail. I’m transferring my number from Consumer Cellular to Republic Wireless and I want to cancel my account already. I did what I was suppose to (sent a copy of my last bill and supplied the last 4 of my social security number), and my number still has not been transferred. Because of this, I am unable to receive text messages, because they’re still going to Consumer Cellular. I have the RW sim card in and I feel like a sitting duck.

I’ve been waiting a few days now. When I signed on to live chat, the first person wrote, “I can’t help you on this end.” Okay, so than direct me. I issued a help ticket and did not hear anything for 2 days. What I received was, “We’ve received your ticket, blah, blah, blah…”

Has anyone else experienced this. Seriously thinking of cancelling and just staying with CC, but hate the surprised charges. The sad thing is that RW came highly recommended and it’s been deeply frustrating. It seems they simply blow smoke with a lot of talk.

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Hi @valerieb.dsk3s2!

Oh no! I am so sorry about your experience! That’s definitely not the experience Republic wants any members to have! Would you mind providing your ticket number so I can have someone look into it? Your ticket number will not reveal any personal information on our end. Only Republic staff has access to that. Again I am sorry about this!


Ticket # 1111671

Hi @valerieb.dsk3s2!

Thank you so much! I have alerted Republic staff and they will be looking into your situation shortly! Please keep us posted on your situation.


Hi @valerieb.dsk3s2,

Each time you open a new ticket, it has to be merged into the existing ticket. This slows down the process and moves your open ticket further back in the ticketing queue. We have to do this because having multiple agents working the same ticket would be inefficient and would cause problems with confusing multiple replies being sent. It also makes it much harder for our agents to find the information that has been requested when they have to search through multiple tickets for it, which results in their asking for the same information multiple times.

Your open ticket is 1111382. It appears to have been opened yesterday, and our porting specialists work regular business hours, Monday-Friday. You had a reply this morning at 8:52 am ET and another just a few minutes ago. For your reference, you can access these replies at: Republic Help.

Porting requests with Consumer Cellular take extra time, but we are working on it. If we update you at each step of the way, that would also bump your ticket further back in line. We’ll let you know if we need additional info, otherwise, it is being worked on. We’re eager to bring your number on board and would not intentionally delay the process.

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Hello Incredibly deeply frustrated. Republic Wireless & their community, they DO CARE & they will overcome the issues. The KEY factor is to get a help ticket number to a live person & be patient. Number transfers can take up to 7 days. I switched to Republic Wireless as they were highly recommended for cheapskates like myself who use minimal phone time / features but needed more than a 2006 flip phone. The activation process was absolutely miserable & took days & way too much time because I am a technological IDIOT with zero patients. The R.W. community reached out to my questions but answers are slow when i am up at 2:00 & 3:00 a.m. PDT. I completed 95% of the process with C.S.R. Brett @ 3 a.m. Oregon time on 4/17/17. I could sense frustration in his voice as we were finishing up. My social skills & my patients were in the toilet but he just kept going. Take a breather…read read read all of the instructions & the Republic Wireless community will get you through. And remember…they are only human…go easy on them.

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When I ported to Republic Wireless in 2015, I also had difficulty porting from Consumer Cellular. At that time, I had to spend a lot of time on the phone with Consumer Cellular. My wife wanted to hold on to her flip phone, I ported it to a different company (not Republic Wireless). That was also very difficult getting the number released from Consumer Cellular. I liked Consumer Cellular okay as a customer, but I was not happy trying to port from them. This was in 2015,

I will never do business with any company that doesn’t have live operators to speak with ever again. My Republic Wireless phone number was supposed to be ported over to my AT&T landline service yesterday and never was. AT&T is apparently having difficulty getting in contact with this company. Not good.

Hi @bens.9v8pjg ,

I don’t see a support ticket on this issue under the account you are currently using. We’d be glad to help, if there is anything at all we can do. Outbound ports are highly automated and usually rely entirely on the gaining carrier’s timetable.

Hi @bens.9v8pjg,

I just spoke to one of our porting specialists on your behalf. She gave me the info AT&T should have and apparently needs. If one of their porting specialists would refer to this document: it includes contact information for the company that owns Republic Wireless’ phone numbers.

Note: This is a business-to-business support platform and is not intended for customer support. They will require information about the port that end users do not have available. Please do not waste your time calling the number listed in that document if you are not a porting specialist for a gaining carrier.

Please let me know if there is anything further I can do for you.

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