So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish!

Unhappy with the new plans.
There’s nothing there for me between the 1GB and 10GB plans.
I have/need 5 lines for my family, and if I got 10GB plans for all of them I’d be spending $160/month.
I’ve had an ongoing horrible customer service interaction with Republic for the last 2 weeks.
I can get 5 lines with more bandwidth (That I admittedly don’t need) for $120/month for all 5 lines from T-Mobile.
T-Mobile has actual employees and a customer support structure instead of a bunch of customer volunteers.

Anyone want to try and tell me why I should stay?



I hope you’ll take this in the spirit intended but no. I consider my role as a Community Ambassador to be helping fellow members make the most of their Republic service and providing information, so that they might make informed decisions. If a member concludes Republic is no longer the right fit for them, I won’t try to convince them otherwise because I respect it’s the member’s decision.

For the sake of clarity, there is no 10 GB option. The first of two “unlimited” options offers 20 GB of high speed cell data of which 10 GB may be used as a hotspot. I fully appreciate that doesn’t address the gap between plans for you.

Candidly, (lack of) family plans have always been a weakness in Republic’s offerings. I agree the new plans do not address that weakness and, for better or worse, they are not intended to do so.

This I’m distressed to hear. If it’s something Community might be able to help with, we would be happy to try.

Republic does have agents that are not customer volunteers. If your lack of satisfaction with your customer service interaction is due to working with a fellow customer, it’s possible to work with an agent instead. If you’ve been working with one of Republic’s Community Experts, they have the ability to route your request to an agent and will do so if asked.

If you prefer support over the phone, Republic now offers a toll-free number. It’s 866_550_9843.