So tired of Comcast and AT&T's stranglehold on Internet Access!


When will RW develop a competitively priced Internet Access product. I am really sick of Comcast, which has a monopoly in my town that AT&T, who got here after Comcast is countering by selling its services through Dish TV. Comcast even wrangled Earthlink into selling for it. The techs who are employed by Comcast are, of late, quite good and generous with their time. However, five “customer service agents” promised me a call back and then failed to follow through. It’s a sure sign that Comcast doesn’t really care. Sorry for the rant, but I have been in the process of moving and have not been happy with how it was handled by Comcast. So I hope you’re considering Internet Access as your next frontier!

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Well, I’m sorry to say that, since Americans were so complacent during the big Net Neutrality debates, the current administration’s FCC leadership has moved to eliminate net neutrality… so, it’s only going to get worse.


Wait, are you saying when huge corporations say “trust us, we will not do that” you don’t trust them?.

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For my area, it is Comcast(cable) or CenturyLink (DSL). (until last year)

I have had CenturyLink DSL for about 9 yrs. Much better prices and speeds than Comcast. CenturyLink always been good to me. But I am in very good location for their DSL. Many others I know, who have tried them at their location, got horrible slow speeds and had issues. They were forced to go to Comcast.

Never trusted Comcast, as we have their Cable TV and they very often raise process and lie to u when u call in and request a package change. U get a huge bill the next month. Why i would NEVER ever want to sign up for their new “Xfinity Mobile”. Infact, many folks say that thier tv and internet bill all went up shortly after that service was announced. So all Comcast customers paying for their mobile service now.

A local ISP (US Internet) last year came in and laid thier own fiber. Now i get 250megs UP and DOWN for $50 a month…more than half the cost of the DSL i had ( $120 for 40/20) Comcast can offer up to 250 down, but only 10 up for me…no thanks. My new ISP also offers lower speeds cheaper packages, also 1Gig speed for $70 a month

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