So...we wait on activation, right?

I can’t really tell if this is clear to me or not, so I guess not, but we are still in a holding pattern to activate new SIM cards for 5.0 plans? I am in dire need of a new phone so I had planned to test the new 5.0 SIM plan on my daughter’s phone to ensure we have good coverage. Her phone is not 5G compatible so I wanted to see what kind of service we get. If I am happy, I’ll do all kinds of gymnastics to make this work, including buying two new phones that are 5G, allow wifi calling, AND are approved phones for other carriers. Then I’ll move my daughters SIM to my wife’s Moto 5G One Ace, which we just bought and is not optimal for the new changes (wish I’d known).

Long sorry, short (too late)…I have my daughter’s SIM, but I am supposed to wait to activate until RW gets stuff ironed out?

From what I read, all activations are working except those described here: