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Yes, data.

I’ve had my phone since January, 2020. About 2 months into use I began getting messages from the Motorola Update Services app, claiming:

“Software Update Unsuccessful
Sorry, there was a problem updating your Moto g7 power. No changes were made.”

In the beginning I was entirely irritated with the intrusion of the messages, and focused on that (Covid stress may have hijacked some of those mental processes)…so most of my attempts at resolving the issue in the beginning were aimed at stopping the messages vs updating the phone. Sigh.

So, my software is stuck at Android 9, and my phone is ANGRY.

I tried to use that Lenovo Motorola Update software from their website, was hoping to force an install via my computer…but I own a Mac, so no dice.

I tried resetting my phone to factory settings…but no change

So, I need to:
…update my phone
…stop this app from harassing me
…and make sure my phone won’t have any issues with subsequent updates?

Has anyone experienced this? Any silver bullet solutions??

Hello @cindylou,

If resetting the phone to “factory” and then trying to update immediately still gives you the “software update unsuccessful” message, I probably use the Warranty for a fix.

If you got the phone from Republic, here is info for using the Warranty (I believe under “Replacements”) :

Keep an eye on this thread though for other Community members that might have an idea for a fix. But if the Factory Reset didn’t do it… :man_shrugging:

Ok… I just thought of something… its only a guess so…
Do you have a SD card in the phone? If so try removing it and see if you can get your phone to update.

Hi SuperT, thank you, that last was new advice. Gave it a try, and no dice.

It seems as though the security update may be a critcal piece…and that won’t update either.

Unfortunately I bought the phone via Amazon…so warranty is maybe more difficult to pursue…?

I’m going to take it to a local repairbplace…maybe they can force the updates if they have a PC and the Motorola rescue software…

Here is Amazons Warranty page. The bottom has contact info either by phone or online link:

Good luck and let us know how it goes! :slight_smile:

The linked Amazon warranty page covers products sold under Amazon’s in house AmazonBasics brand. Amazon wouldn’t provide a warranty on phones manufactured by Motorola. For that one would contact Motorola directly, which may be done here:

Newer Republic compatible phones are all factory unlocked variants. The manufacturer, in this case Motorola, is the responsible party for delivering Android operating system updates. Contacting the manufacturer for assistance with a phone that refuses to update is a perfectly valid approach regardless of warranty status.

Amazon, like other retailers, offers a return privilege for recently purchased items. In Amazon’s case that return privilege is 30 days. Amazon is not responsible for what may or may not be a manufacturer’s defect. That is properly the domain of the manufacturer.


By the way @cindylou , thank you for mentioning this!
I was not aware of this from Lenovo for Moto phones and devices to be flashed (for PC users anyway)! :smile_cat:

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You can also open the app drawer and tap on the ?, Device Help. From there you will be able to diagnostics, troubleshooting, and contact Motorola. If you tap on Moto Care, you will also be able to see that your phone is still under warranty.


I don’t see that Motorola has issued an update to Android 10 for the Moto G7 Power for the software channels we support. It looks like the latest build available is PPO29.114-134.

If you long press on that notification and tap the circled i, what app is the notification associated with?

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Thank you southpaw, you’re right. My software IS up to date.

It’s the security update that won’t happen. It says it’s last update was Dec 1, 2019…and there’s a red phone icon to the left of the date.

The notification is from an app that seems to be part of the Motorola operating system (?) as it’s called Motorola Update Services.

Hi @cindylou,

Motorola Update Services is the bundled Motorola app that manages software updates on your phone. Would it be safe to presume, you’ve tried manually updating?

Have you tried granting permissions as I see none are currently granted?

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So, I’m not sure what you mean by manually updating. If you mean connecting the phone to a computer and forcing the update in that way, it seems that you need a PC to do so… (Using that Lenovo Rescue software). I own a Mac, and it looks like there’s no work-around. If that’s not correct, I’m all ears …

No, I’m referring to manually triggering a software update on the phone itself. Before potentially looking at that further, please try the following:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Scroll to then tap system
  3. Tap About phone
  4. Please quote what is said under Build number?

I have, yes …it only offers “storage”. Turned it on, no change, even after restarting the phone

Oh yes of course. Tapping the update will SOMETIMES result in an immediate notification that the update was unsuccessful OR I get the screen as shown below, and then the phone can’t complete the install…

Hi @cindylou,

Presuming the screenshot you shared is what you currently see on your phone, there’s an update in progress. Did you just trigger the manual update? Does what the posted screenshot show persist after the notification the update fails?


So, that screenshot was as far as the update would get before shutting down…it just couldn’t finish it.

BUT, I finally resolved it by finding someone with a PC who let me download that Lenovo Rescue App. It was able to force the update on the phone by flashing it (I think that’s what it was called) and then resetting everything and installing the new security update.

So, all is well…thank you all for your help and insights!!


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