Software Updates While Traveling

I’m on a long term stay in Germany and need to update my Motorola Defy’s system software. WIFI calling is enabled but I get an error message saying “Check for update was not available at this time. Try again later.”

Anyone have an idea about what to do?


Hi @gabrieles.pysdhz,

There hasn’t been an operating system update for the DEFY for a number of years now. Might we have some additional context on what it is you wish to accomplish?

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Thanks rolandh.
I’ve gotten an answer from another source.
Basically, I was wondering why I couldn’t get text messages over WIFI. I thought maybe it was updated related. But it has been explained that I need to have the phone on and connected at the exact time the text is being sent.

I also realize it’s time to get another phone.
This phone comes in handy to make calls to the kids and our friends in the U.S. And at the price, you can’t go wrong.

All The Best


@louisdi keep in mind that the phone is the Defy (there fore when the phone is not connected to WiFi Republic will forward to the Cell network{Sprint} (and there no going back to the Republic network) and if the Phone is physically in another country (like Germany as stated in the opening post the message are lost (timed out on the Sprint network after about 72 hours) .
So in this case this is how it works


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